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VELUM FILTERS - Fast Protection Filtration for Machinery Electronic Systems and Electric Motors

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Velum Fast Protection - extra protective filtration for electronics, automation and production machinery was launched in 2015 by its Italian manufacturer Nitty Gritty SRL. 

Now available in the UK from Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd the system comprise of three types for different applications.The system has been installed in many small companies upto large major Japanese car manufacturers. To date over 65,000 Velum filters have been installed in factories around the world. Companies who value their production assets and the health of their workforce are quick to adopt the benefits of installing VELUM FILTERS.

The three types available are:

- Designed to protect electronic components in automation and production machinery found in many fields of Industry. CNC metal working and wood working, printing and packaging, chemical and pharmaceutical, food and textile, transportation and agricultural  installation.

VELUM AIR - Specifically designed for Air Compressors and Heat Exchangers with a thicker knitted fabric material but having greater porosity  to provide greater airflow.

VELUM MOTOR - A simple patented system designed to protect most types and sizes of electric motors.

The design concept was to develop an inexpensive simple to instal system to protect the delicate electronic components built into todays control systems and cabinets of CNC Machine Tools and Automated production machinery.

The cost benefit of Velum filtration systems is further enhanced as machines and motors are more easily kept running at optimum operating conditions and temperatures which extends machine and component life and reduces costly downtime.

Another extremely important benefit of the Velum Fast Protection System being that as well as protecting your production plant and machinery assets, this innovative and inexpensive system utilises your existing machinery and motors to to protect the health of your workforce by helping to reduce the breathable contaminant oil, mist and dust particles from the working environment.

Installation, monitoring and replacement is easily and quickly replaced by anybody while the machinery or systm is still operating. VELUM Filters offer the additional benefit of prolonging the life of your machines standard fit filters.

Cost Effective Extra Protection for your machinery and workforce.

More detailed information take a look at our videos and catalogue below or call  to arrange a site visit, demonstration and free trial.

Velum Filters are available in the UK from

Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd

P O Box 15 


OX39 4AT

Contact Steve Halson

Direct Phone 07802 753474

E- Mail mail@midbucks.co.uk

VELUM MOTOR Information Video

EN_VELUM _MOTOR from Nitty-Gritty on Vimeo.

VELUM AIR information Video

VELUM AIR from Nitty-Gritty on Vimeo.

VELUM Electronic Information Video

VELUM FAST PROTECTION from Nitty-Gritty on Vimeo.

NEW Velum Air XL

New VelumAir Extra Protection in Extra Large Sizes 800, 1000, 1250 and 1500mm widths

VELUM AIR XL from Nitty-Gritty on Vimeo.

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