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Statutory Corporate Information Page

This page carries the statutory information that websites have to provide about the owning company. The requirement to publish this information became law on the 1st January 2007. 

This information is also required on all electronic and hard copy communications such as e-mails faxes and texts. All electronic directory entries must also carry the same information. 

Penalties for non compliance can be levied on any officer of the company or any person who authorised the issue of the non complying document or website. 

General Data Protection Regulations May 2018


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). If you collect personal data of EU residents, no matter where you are based, you’ll need to comply with GDPR.

Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd is a machine tool and engineering equipment sales company and uses the legal basis of legitimate interests to collect and store personal and corporate data in the course of its business of direct marketing, communicating and transacting business with customers and potential customers. The nature of this business will be to contact people within their organisations by landline phone, mobile phone, e-mail, letter, social media and any medium that will facilitate delivering product and information deemed to be legitimate and mutually useful to both parties.The nature of this business will mean that a certain level of personal data will be collected from employees of our customers and prospective customers and suppliers. The data collected will be minimal to provide the means to maintain and continue legitimate business contact.

All contact data stored will be maintained in a safe way and the consent to continue contact will be specifically given, recorded and stored.

The contact data held by the company will be regularly updated and approved. The right to request alteration and removal of personal or corporate data will be available to the contact and or organisation at all times.

Direct Marketing emails will continue to have the option to unsubscribe from future circulations.

Data Protection is an evolutionary process and Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd takes its responsibilities towards data collection storage and use seriously and will add to this statement, any further developments as they occur. We are following the information provided by The Information Commissioners Office at www.ico.org.uk

Please contact Steve Halson, the company director responsible for data control and use if you need further information or a copy of our detailed privacy policy.


In May 2011 the EU decided that sites, hosted in the EU or owned by EU members, that use cookies to track or advertise must ask the permission of the computer user to store these cookies on their machine. This website and links to other sites may or may not use cookies to gather general statistical information, if you have not accepted the cookies we use then the site may not function correctly. If you do not wish the sites or links to videos and adverts to store cookies on your machine then please leave the site or select the no cookie option in your devices settings.

For more information then please go to the ICO page here.

Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd

Postal Address and Contact details.

5 Cleeve Meadow
Cheriton Fitzpaine
EX17 4BP

(Visits by appointment only)

Direct: 07802 753474

Office: 01363 779772

Email: mail@midbucks.co.uk

Mid-Bucks Machine Tools Ltd is a company Registered in England and Wales.

Company Registration No 1165558 from 1974 until Mar 2014

Company Registration No 4020534 from Mar 2014 -

VAT No GB 209 1725 75

Registered Office (Not for general communication or visits).

3, Redman Court,
Bell Street,
Princes Risborough,
HP27 0AA

Mid-Bucks Machine Tools Ltd uses the trading names and styles

Machine Tool Supplier



Linear Machine Tools Ltd


Linear Lathes



swarfandchips.com a machine tool blog

Engineers Talk


Velum Filters


The content of the above websites is presented in good faith. Any information given should not be considered legally binding or relied upon in any contractual nature. Such information is given purely as independent advice. All prices, specifications, articles and general information should be verified by the visitor to these websites.

Agencies and Trading Agreements

Cyclematic Machinery

Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd is the Sole Distributor for the UK and Ireland of the range of high precision toolroom lathes produced by Cyclematic Machinery of Taiwan and marketed in the UK under the Linear Cyclematic Brand.

The Linear Cyclematic High Precision Lathes are designed and built in Taiwan by Cylematic Machinery Ltd to incorporate CE making and European Safety Standards and are therefore available throughout Europe via Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd. Access to the Technical Constructional File for any Cyclematic Lathe sold by Mid Bucks Machine Tools in the UK and EU by an authorised body (MAS) can be achieved by contacting Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd


Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd is the UK distributor for the air filtration products manufactured in Italy by Nitty Gritty SRL under their Velum brand name which is used on the products marketed in the UK.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Mid Bucks Machine Tools Ltd (the company) has been established as a supplier of new and used machine tools and equipment to the engineering sector since 1971.

The company and its Health and Safety commitment is managed by Company Director Steve Halson.

The company is committed to providing a safe environment to all its connections and providing for sale machine tools and equipment that is safe when used as intended by its manufacturer and operated by a competent person.

The company has a current Health and Safety Policy. The objective of this policy is to ensure as far as reasonably practical that all persons that connect with the company are informed of issues concerning Health and Safety.

The company aims to prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health in the workplace.

The company aims to control risks to Health and Safety that may arise from its day to day activities.

The company will strive to ensure adequate information is available to all persons connecting with the company to raise awareness of Health and Safety Issues and Procedures.

All other customer relevant corporate information can be found on the home page of this website.


Steve Halson

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