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Press Brakes and Guilotines

Image: Femas Guillotine

We are distributors for the FEMAS range of power guillotine shears and Press Brakes. Walton hand and power sheetmetal machinery. Geka and Kingsland Steel Workers and Punch Presses.

If it's sheetmetal machinery we will DO IT

Image: Femas Pressbrake

Call Steve Halson on 07802 753474 to make an appointment to discuss your specific requirements.

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Iron Workers / Steel Workers

Image: BIFAB Hydraulic SteelWorker

Our comprehensive range offers the highest quality Ironworkers on the market today. Our 44 ton, 55 ton, 75 ton, 85 ton and 120 ton capacity Ironworkers include five station versatility built in for maximum productivity. Designed from the ground up for decades of use, BIFAB Ironworkers incorporate a fully integrated construction, featuring an all welded frame and true vertical movement to all stations. This design allows for extremely quiet, smooth operation at maximum capacity without any distortion or wasted material.

All our steelworkers include our industry leading quick release and two piece punch holder for, fast and easy tooling changes. Add this to the metered oversize tables with adjustable stops, and you can quickly see why a BIFAB Ironworker is your best choice.

Round and square stock, angle iron, and flat bar shearing stations are included on all our Ironworkers. Due to the true vertical movement, shearing functions are performed without any annoying and costly waste. Shear blades can be turned for long life and increased productivity.

Also included on every BIFAB steelworker is the rectangular notching station, making it easy to notch angle, plate or channel for perfect notches every time. Oversize table with adjustable material stop is standard.

Optional tooling is available for pipe notching, channel shearing and more! All at competitive pricing and off the shelf delivery with friendly knowledgeable advice to assist you with your tooling requirements.

Call Steve Halson on 07802 753474 to discuss your requirements.

Sheet Metal Box and Pan Folders

Image: Sheet Metal Box & Pan Folding Machine

Our BIFAB range of sheet metal folding machines consists of 11 different sizes that all share common design characteristics offering the metal fabrication industry the best specification and value for the money available. Box and Pan Folders with bed lengths from 24" to 120" and bending thickness from 1.6 to 3mm in mild steel at prices from £375.00 to £ 4700.00 will cover most applications. Call 07802 753474 for your detailed quote.

Sheet Metal Bending Rolls Manual and Power

Our BIFAB range of 7 bending rolls are perfect for bending sheet metal plate into various diameters. Our bending rolls come in manual, electric or hydraulic power versions depending on the application at hand. Priced from 250.00 to 9,800.00 with capacities from 12" width to 1500mm x 3.5mm we will be pleased to offer a solution.

Image: Sheet Metal Bending Rolls

The model shown is the BIFAB PR-514 this is the perfect plate roll bender for small and medium rolling applications. This sheet metal forming machine has a useful width of 5' and has a capacity of 14 gauge mild steel sheet metal. The machine has a rugged frame that allows no deflection across the useful width, even at maximum capacity. The rollers are induction hardened to allow years of useful life that also helps in eliminating any possible deflection. The rolls also have three wire grooves. This plate roll bender has a 3-1/2 HP motor that has a direct gear drive system allowing for a sure transfer of power that reduces slipage. This machine has power requirements of 240 volt, single phase, 50 hertz. The top roller has an outside diameter of 3-1/2" and with the right material and thickness can roll as tight as 1-1/2 times the top roll. Having a useful width of 5' is perfect when the fabrication project requires rolling 4'x8' sheets. This size also allows for rolling cones or funnel shapes. Bending capacities of 14GA aluminum and mild steel are easily accomplished, as well as up to 18GA stainless steel.

BIFAB sheet metal equipment always offers great value in its line of machinery, that's why we specifically sell the PR-514 with the motorized back roll and digital positioning readout display to allow for repeatable bends time and time again. The operator console is remote so the operator can move to the best position to properly run the machine. This console has foot pedal controls, and houses the buttons for advancing or retracting the back roll position. An emergency stop button is in the remote console and there is a E-Stop perimeter wire that circles the machine.

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