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We have engineering work holding and tooling solutions to all your needs through our BB and LINEAR Brands. Lathe Tooling and Milling Equipment. Milling Spindle Tooling and Work Holding solutions for both conventional machine tools and CNC Tooling. 

BB Scroll type 2, 3, 4 and 6 Jaw Lathe Chucks available ex stock to suit all spindle taper variants CamLock, A2 series or Plain back.

Colchester, Harrison, Hardinge, ROMI, TOS and XYZ specialists.

BB Hydraulic Power Chucks and Cylinders for all New and Used CNC Lathes.

Through our LINEAR Brand we specialise in 5C Collets and Tooling for Hardinge HLV , HCT and LINEAR High Precision manual and CNC Lathes. We have a catalogue detailing our Linear Lathe Tooling. Available as hard copy by post or a pdf file by email.

We supply FAGOR retrokits to upgrade your old digital readouts. 

Call Steve Halson on 01844 352329 to discuss your specific requirements.

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Image: FAGOR Digital Readout

Upgrade your HARDINGE HLV or HC Lathe with a NEW FAGOR Digital Read Out.

Excellent Quality and Brilliant Price from 775.00 + VAT.
Price includes carriage but excludes fitting.

We have special FAGOR retrokit prices for all machines please call us with your machine details, Make Model and Axis travels will enable us to give your special price. Call 01844 352329

email details of your machine and put DRO in subject line


Image: Linear SB1 CNC Lathe Bar Feed

The SB1 bar feeder. Designed for use with CNC lathes the bar feed provides increased bar output productivity by fully utilising your CNC lathe’s capacity. The SB1 is ideally matched for the requirements of the Linear CNC Lathe user.
The SB1 is:

* Ideal for short production runs using a bar feed.
* Cost-effective without compromising on quality.
* Easy to use with a simple control panel.
* 6-80mm dia including profiles.
* 1520mm max push length.
* Services required, 240v electircs, 75-100 psi pneumatics.
* Machine M code, chuck and guard door signals from lathe.

As illustrated, the SB1 is a swing aside unit that allows the operator to load new bars manually, giving production the flexibility to choose fast reliable feeding out of bar stock to the CNC lathe rather than the toolpost mounted methods currently available on the market. Simply push the AUTO button and the bar feed is ready to use.

The SB1 bar feed has been designed and manufactured in the UK by drawing on over two decades of industry experience and observation in production engineering. The need for a bar feed focused on shorter production runs after listening to the numerous firms in the UK and internationally, which are keen to produce high quality precision products but needed a more cost-effective system for bar feeding.

Call Steve Halson on 01844 352329 for further details and pricing for your machine.

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